SaddleBrooke Sells

by Lynn Tofel Dent, REALTOR®

If you put your home on the market today, would it appeal to newly retired “baby” Baby Boomers? Young Baby Boomers are in their fifties and are not only likely to be extremely computer savvy, but there’s a good chance they watch TV remodeling shows, maintain Pinterest boards and visit for decorating tips.  Like Gen Xers and Millenials, they desire a house that is move-in ready and updated. Does that mean you have to completely renovate?  Absolutely not!  But, certainly, you should think about freshening up before you put a for sale sign in the yard. 

1.      Paint:  If your house has the same color palette it did when it was built – it’s time for a change.  You may still love it, but we can assure you many buyers won’t be able to see past a dated color.

2.      Kitchen:  No need to tear out cabinets, sometimes a simple facelift of new doors or a coat of paint will do the trick and we always encourage new countertops.  Tip:  granite is out and quartz is in!

3.      Floors:  Wall to wall carpet is a turn-off for young retirees.  Think tile in common areas but be careful placing one kind of tile next to a different one.  We’ve seen that go badly!