Jo's Tidbits

By Jo Parsons, Real Estate Concierge Make Your Move Matter Team 

Are you tired of looking at the same dé c or month after month? Is your home feeling old and tired and in need of a little refreshing? There are lots of simple things you can do to give it a 'facelift' without spending oodles of money.

Start with one space such as a living room wall and take everything down. Now walk through your home looking at other paintings, mirrors or objects of art. Picture them on that wall and recreate the focal point. Something as simple as exchanging these items can give you a whole new perspective and allow you to enjoy those much loved treasures in a whole new light.

Change your accent color. No need to paint walls or buy new furniture. Add a fresh color with new throw pillows or a lap robe draped over the arm of a chair or sofa. Tie it in with a well-placed vase or bowl of the same color. A colorful silk floral arrangement pertaining to the season also does wonders.

Look around as if you're seeing your home for the first time. You may notice that book or bag you set down months ago has become part of the scenery and is now clutter. Carefully consider the items on display, if you don't love them – lose or repurpose them! Put away items that create clutter and open up spaces on tables, bookshelves, etc. You want your space to feel more open. Always remember, less is more!

Not only will these tips help you enjoy your home in a new light, they're also good advice for getting a house ready to sell! Keep it simple and enjoy your new surroundings.