Too Much Creative Energy to Retire--Introducing Jo Parsons, SaddleBrooke Real Estate Concierge

A Q&A with Jo Parsons

The Make Your Move Matter team recently welcomed Jo Parsons as their SaddleBrooke Real Estate Concierge. Although she retired her real estate license and is restricted from performing a number of licensee duties, Jo is able to provide invaluable assistance to buyers and sellers working with Realtors Beth Fedor, Lynn Tofel Dent and Sallie Tofel. 

When talking to Jo about her life’s journey, it’s clear that her experiences and work resume have forged a path to uniquely qualify her for her new role of making moves easier

How would you sum up your role as a Real Estate Concierge?

I am doing what I loved best about being a Realtor. For Beth and Lynn’s sellers, I help homeowners ready their homes for market by providing reliable referrals for home repairs or improvements and help stage their house to appeal to the widest variety of potential buyers. For their buyers, I assist with design decisions, whether it be new-build construction or resale renovation.

I am a go-to person that clients feel comfortable with because I am a neighbor and a friend who has walked in their shoes. I empathize with how emotionally stressful it can be to put away the personal photos and mementos and open your home to strangers, or to have to move across country not knowing whether all your stuff will work in your new Southern Arizona home. While the Realtor advises what needs to be done to sell a house for top dollar, I can step in with a simplified step-by-step plan to get it accomplished.

I understand that prior to retiring, you were the top producing Realtor in the community. How do you account for your success?

It’s funny, I never knew until after I retired that I’d been SaddleBrooke’s top Realtor® my last two years at SaddleBrooke Resale! I just never treated anyone like a paycheck. I always treated my clients the way I wanted to be treated, never taking anyone for granted. When I listed or helped purchase a house, I didn’t just sell real estate; I freely offered my knowledge and the opportunity to use me as a resource for as much as they required. 

My clients also knew I was there for them after the sale. At closing, I would give them my “Who to Call” list—a booklet of various vendors, service providers and contractor that I’d culled over the years. I’ve kept that list current and I’m still happy to give recommendations to those who ask. I’m also pleased to pick up where I left off by highlighting all that makes SaddleBrooke such an outstanding community and sharing helpful tips on my Facebook page at

After nearly a decade in area real estate and three moves within SaddleBrooke, you must have seen every model Robson has produced!

Yes! And I know each and every one of their shortcomings! I think I’ve reimagined just about every floorplan Robson has built. Everything from reversing door swings to taking down walls and redesigning kitchens for optimal work space and entertainment flow.  I really enjoy sharing that vision with buyers and opening them to the possibilities. They are amazed how a few simple design changes can transform a cookie-cutter home in a tract neighborhood into something truly special.

What would you consider the best advice for sellers and buyers? 

For sellers, I would say getting a pre-listing inspection done is one of the wisest investments they can make, especially if they’ve lived in the house for more than ten years. For buyers, I’d encourage them to see each move as an opportunity to lighten their load, leave behind furnishings that are dated or too regional and embrace a fresh new start.

Why did you decide to get back into the Real Estate field at this stage in life? 

After getting to know both Beth and Lynn, I felt they had many of the qualities that I had as a Realtor®. I think they have a lot to offer with an upbeat progressive marketing approach and, furthermore, they get personally involved. They don’t just give guidance and instructions to homeowners, they jump in and help them at every step. Obviously, contracting to pay me as a seller and buyer concierge demonstrates their high level of customer care. 

As a volunteer for SaddleBrooke Community Outreach, I’m delighted that Beth and Lynn give 10% of their commission to worthy non-profits like SBCO and Impact of Southern Arizona. They don’t just sell SaddleBrooke, they invest in it by giving back.

And, besides, my husband figures that by helping others stage and remodel their homes, he’s less apt to be pulled off the golf course for another Parsons Home Improvement project!