Should you spend the money to pre-inspect your home before putting it on the market?  Absolutely!  As homeowners we tend to get attached to our homes in their current state and over time it’s common for flaws to blend in.  A Buyer is not going to overlook the flaws and defects, nor have the same attitude about ‘living with it’.  Sometimes you may not even be aware of an underlying problem!

A few reasons why we think a pre-inspection is money in your pocket:

  • Know the exact condition of your home – Price your home more accurately.  You don’t have to fix everything the inspector finds, but with knowledge you can price your home to sell based on its present condition or make upgrades that will improve its marketability.
  • Reassure prospective buyers – Gain the competitive edge  A pre-inspection is a goodwill gesture to buyers. It demonstrates a willingness to go beyond the expected and sets you apart from other sellers.
  • You can make the repairs in advance – Buy time and save money .  A pre-inspection allows you to repair the items that are going to be a “Buy or Not Buy” decision factor while you have the luxury of time to choose the right contractor at the right price.
  • Minimize stress in the sales process – Close more quickly  Knowing your home’s condition up front removes the stress and anxiety that the buyer’s 10-day due diligence period can induce in a seller. You will likely sail through the buyer inspection, avoiding some of the nitpicking and additional costly concessions that can occur.

When it comes to home inspections, you can make a small mistake of paying for a pre-listing inspection and finding very little wrong, or you can make the big mistakes not paying for this inspection and being later blindsided by the unexpected. The reality is that a few hundred dollars spent on a pre-listing inspection may, in the end, save you thousands of dollars. 

To find a good inspector, ask friends as well as your real estate agent for recommendations, request a sample of their reports, the extent of their field experience, and make sure that the inspector is licensed and certified by the American Society of Home Inspectors or ASHI. Expect to pay several hundred dollars depending on the size of your home, the number of systems (additional HVAC unit and pool/spas will cost extra) and the extent of inspections required.