As Seen in Saddlebag Notes on 6/28/2019 by Beth Fedor

One of the questions home sellers frequently ask Realtors is whether or not to stage a house they have vacated. Be assured that nothing is more boring (and forgettable!) to potential buyers than an empty house – especially if the floors and walls are all neutral colors and views are less than spectacular. Furthermore, home buying statistics suggest that vacant homes typically take twice as long to sell and sell for less than even unstaged “occupied” homes.

Does that mean you need to rent furniture or hire a professional home stager? Not necessarily. A few well-placed knick-knacks and pictures can easily create the illusion of furnishings. Instead of trying to figure out where their belongings would fit in a room, your small, inexpensive tray table can remind potential buyers that their buffet would fit perfectly in the same spot. Empty rooms always appear smaller because there is nothing for the eye to focus upon. Even minimal furnishings can create an important frame of reference and visually expand space.