As Seen in Saddlebag Notes  By Jo Parsons   May 31, 2019

Let me start by saying that I am married to the King of Vacuums. Before moving to Arizona, our kids dubbed my husband Jim “Vac Man.” We had a vacuum cleaner for every floor and room in our house.

This has not changed. In our modest 1574 square foot Villa, we have, at last count, six vacuum cleaners. Lest one should run out of energy, we have the almighty backup – just in case.

We have the iRobot Roomba 970 which is currently in shop for repair, the Hoover Cordless React, the Hoover Cleanpath corded vac and my favorite, the Shark cordless Rotator Vac. Add to that an Oreck handheld vac and last, but not least, the Stanley Shop Vac.

I love that my Roomba “Delilah” automatically starts each day at a preset time and does a thorough job of cleaning our hardwood floors. I don’t like that it takes her over 90 minutes, and, for reasons unknown, she is fixated on our master bedroom closet.

While I love my Roomba “Delilah,” at the price we paid, I believe she should have lasted a lot longer without problems. After less than 9 months we had to replace her charger, and now, one year later, she popped her seeing sensor. So, $110 later, we are awaiting word from iRobot on when she’ll be back on the job.

Jimmy likes the Hoover React because it has great lights and a swivel head – yippee! He also likes the corded Cleanpath because it has the strongest motor (well yeah – it’s plugged into a juice supply!)

While corded vacs give you the best power at a reasonable cost, they have one major drawback - the cord. For me, it’s like dragging an ornery elephant around the house, one that needs to stop and be repositioned in every room. This Hoover does have a longer cord than most, so I will give it kudos in that department.

My all-time fave is the Shark. It is light, easy to use and does a fantastic job with a reasonable amount of power between uses. We used to have an Oreck which I truly loved but it was used on the outside patio by you-know-who one too many times and gave out. We did keep the handheld which I cannot be without for getting in all the nooks and crannies – it just never quits and is indispensable to me. Small and compact, the Stanley shop vac does a great job cleaning up debris and scorpions.

Until next month, run the vac, dust the tables and get out of the house. Summer is on the way and things are heating up in the desert so enjoy being outdoors as much as you can now!